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Sunroom Additions

Sunroom additions add living and entertainment space for you, your family and guests. It’s an appealing addition that adds to your home’s value. You have a choice of the classic glassed-in room, a screened deck or a solarium. You might choose a greenhouse you share with plants; some homeowners select a full room addition that has been designed with large windows and skylights.

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Sunrooms are generally attached to your home, with a door, archway or open passageway to the interior. It can also be designed with entryways from outdoors. Some sunrooms are generally intended to be used during mild weather, not extreme hot or cold; but there are window treatment options for comfort. You can select a four season solarium that is heated and cooled.

Sunroom additions require all trade disciplines; this is why choosing a general construction contractor is wise. You have one point of contact and don’t have to deal with numerous individual tradespersons.

Our multi-trade services include:

When sunroom additions are to be used in all four seasons, we provide tradespeople for heating, air conditioning ventilation and plumbing (if needed).

Where to put it?

Of course, there are structural considerations with your existing house, and lawn and garden aspects as well. We also factor in the direction your new room will face.

Southern exposure:

This can be best because it will get the majority of light each day. Homeowners often choose additional cooling for sunroom additions with a southern facing. Eastern exposure gets sun in the first half of the day and is shaded the rest of the day. Some form of heating makes eastern exposure more comfortable in the late afternoon and evening.

Western exposure gets late day sun.

Our multi-trade service includes installing window treatments to provide shading when the afternoon sun is harsh.

Northern exposures are shaded and less bright most of the day.

Full insulation, ventilation to prevent dampness, and heating and cooling make a northern exposure completely comfortable.

A screened deck, screened-in porch, or sheltered patio

Homeowners consider these more affordable sunroom additions. A screened porch, screened deck or patio is ideal in summer and also useful in spring and fall. In this case, the walls are constructed of screening instead of glass. It keeps out the bugs, unwelcome animal visitors, and lets in the breeze.

You may decide on a classic open deck

We are deck builders, and can fit even the trickiest spaces outside your home. Decks can be built outside a second story bedroom, or over a garage.

Sunroom additions can be constructed almost any time of year
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We provide sunroom additions in Rockville, Maryland, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Annapolis, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Potomac, Germantown, Montgomery Village, Chevy Chase and Olney as well as Washington DC.