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Patio Installation

Patio installation is best done by construction specialists, not handymen. Even the most uncomplicated design demands the planning and craftsmen we provide, because we are an experienced, established builder.

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You get all of the necessary trades under our one umbrella, and under our direct supervision:

The first step is size

You almost never hear a homeowner complain that his patio has too much space, but too many homeowners realize after patio installation that it’s too small. A patio designed for entertaining can be 400 to 500 square feet. Too often, you see space so cramped the grill has to sit on the grass because there’s no room, or guests are sitting very close. A crowded patio can be avoided with proper planning. Whether you have a blueprint or you ask us to create one, be generous with the dimensions.
PATIO INSTALLATION TIP: Pick out the furniture you want for the space. Measure it. Mark the measurements on the grass or ground in the arrangement you imagine. Add a foot and a half to three feet between furnishings and the house, and add it to the edges.

The next step is choosing the direction it will face

Our construction experience will be very valuable to your decision. Patios direct the eye toward the best view of your yard – and beyond. You don’t want to stare at your neighbor’s garage unless there is no other choice (and landscaping can help if that’s the case!)
PATIO INSTALLATION TIP: If the view is awful, dress up the back of your house, with plants and decorations, and arrange the furniture to face that direction. Or, build a waist-high wall at the rear of the patio, landscaped with flowers and shrubs, to block the weak view.

Take into account sun and shade

During what hours do you expect to use the space most often, and where does the sun rise and set in relation to your yard?
Consider a roof over your patio. It can be a permanent extension of your current home roof. It could be a retractable canopy. And our carpenters can install a latticework of wood called a “pergola”, which is perfect for vines and hanging plants that can increase sun shade.
You may want us to construct a screened patio, which solves shade issues and protects against insects and poor weather.
PATIO INSTALLATION TIP: No law says a patio must jut out from behind your house. Using walkways, it could be placed to take advantage of natural shade from a nearby tree or the shadow the house casts. Patios do not need to be square or rectangular, but can curve toward shade and away from sunny spots.

What surface would you like us to put down

PATIO INSTALLATION TIP: Ask us to match the walkways to the patio, for a seamless look to your outdoor entertainment area.


Don’t overlook the value of this for the safety of your family and guests, security for your property and of course for evening entertaining. Landscapers refer to it as a “nightscape”: light paints plants, illuminates pathways and brightens food preparation areas. The whole area changes from day to night.

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