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Home Addition in Potomac Maryland

Your home addition in Potomac, Maryland will boost the living space and value of your home. You can “push out” (reclaiming some lawn) or “push up” (add a second story) to enhance your lifestyle. Homeowners consistently turn to our firm – a construction general contractor – because we provide all of the trades necessary for the project, from carpenters to customer cabinet makers. You get tight control over budgets, materials and timelines and you have only one point of contact who is overseeing all of the facets of the project.

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The top five ways to add on to your home:

Cooking up a new kitchen

These days the kitchen is the gathering place for family and friends at any time, not just the dinner hour. If you want more than a room built for utility, a home addition in Potomac MD creates a kitchen “from scratch”. “Pushing out” to claim space in a rear or side yard is an effective opportunity to devise space for a new kitchen.
  • You achieve a dramatic difference in traffic flow, storage and décor. You get to choose where the windows are. You finally get that food preparation island you want. Custom kitchen cabinets match your taste and your needs.
  • One significant difference between kitchen home addition in Potomac MD and what is often called a “gut” of your existing kitchen is that during addition work, you can use your old kitchen while the turnkey replacement takes shape. Because our staff includes people from multiple trades, you have one contractor overseeing all of the work, “from soup to nuts”.

Bedrooms and master suites

Homeowners find the possibilities are thrilling. This is where “pushing up” is extremely popular. Adding a second story is the perfect option for a master suite designed with all the touches and luxuries you imagine. Do you imagine one room or the square footage for several?
Create space for children; they go upstairs for sleep and play. You know where your teens are when your home addition in Potomac MD adds a full or partial second story for them. Have you always wanted a guest room? How about a second story on your existing garage?

Creating a bathroom

  • You get a modern “home spa” where you can retreat from the stress of the day. Bathrooms today are roomy and restful, making a home addition in Potomac MD perfect for creating a master bath, family bathroom or guest powder room.
  • Did you know one out of every three home renovations involve the bathroom? The ability to “start over” means enough room for a separate bathtub and shower, space for more than one sink, a dedicated makeup vanity, even a luxurious tub with soothing spa jets.

Entertainment rooms

You’ll also hear this popular home addition in Potomac MD called a home theater or a family room. Built-in music components, wide screen TV with surround-sound, a bar and a snack area or kitchenette are frequently included. We’ve created poker, pool and hobby rooms, and of course a children’s play room. Homeowners frequently add a convenient bathroom.


Your home addition in Potomac MD can add one where there is none, or add room for a second or third car. Either attached to your home or free-standing, this kind of a job demands the same attention to detail as any other home improvement.

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