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HVAC Installation

Proper HVAC installation for commercial buildings and residences requires time-tested experience and up-to-the-minute technical knowledge. Your choice of our general contractor services for this essential work ensures a recommendation of next-generation technology, expertly installed.

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The depth of our multi-trade company allows you to have one point of contact during the project, regardless of the numerous trade disciplines required by the project:

There is no need to deal with separate contractors for each facet of HVAC installation. When subcontractors are involved, we directly supervise their quality and take sole responsibility for delivering quality.

Examples of some of our commercial projects with satisfied customers:
We placed cooling towers; set up computer room environmental units; installed heat pumps; and put through-the-wall air conditioning units in commercial and office buildings.

How construction experience benefits home HVAC installation

Our experience gives us knowledge of the sizes and outputs of current brands. So many homeowners think they need the same size unit as their neighbor. The fact is, one third of home systems are oversized. It uses more energy, raising your utility bills. If you know the size you need, we put it in. If you don’t, we’ve got you covered. To determine the capacity required in your home or commercial building, you get a “load calculation” based on your square footage and your comfort preferences.

Valuable advice

Why are new products superior?

They use better components and improved technologies, and have been engineered to use energy wisely. This not only results in immediate energy and money savings, but also longer life for the equipment and includes manufacturer warranties.

Lower your utility bills

According to the Department of Energy, when HVAC installation replaces an aging system you can save $17.00 for every $100 you now spend on heating in a year. New, energy-efficient air conditioning cuts power consumption by one-third to one-half. A high-efficiency system pays for itself over time. If you’re installing your first system, most new models feature excellent energy-efficiency.

Improve the value of your home or commercial property

An upgraded heating and cooling system can result in the highest possible price for your home. When potential buyers see this, they immediately assume you took care of your home in other ways, too.

Ductwork and ventilation

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We are known as a first class general contractor for HVAC installation in Rockville, Maryland, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Annapolis, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Potomac, Germantown, Montgomery Village, Chevy Chase and Olney as well as Washington DC.