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What to consider when replacing your cabinets

A custom cabinetry installation is an excellent option to consider, once you have determined that you can no longer deal with your outdated, warped or damaged kitchen and bathroom cupboards. There are a variety of replacement methods available that range from full out gutting and rebuilding to re-facing and refurbishing.

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Budget and taste generally play a major role, when customers decide to begin their cupboard replacement projects. An outdated kitchen or bathroom can be an eyesore, that’s for sure, but the expense of an all out demolition and rebuilding project can appear to be even less reasonable than dealing with outdated cabinetry.

The good news is that not all custom cabinetry projects are created equal and not all cupboard renovations and makeovers need to break the bank. A considerable amount of money can be shaved off of the overall price of a cupboard replacement project, if the existing cabinetry is in decent condition and there are no intentions to reconfigure the layout of the room or cupboard scheme. In other words, if the cupboards are going to remain in the same place, and they are still in good condition, a great deal of money can be saved by re-facing them as opposed to having them demolished and removed altogether.

Homeowners can easily make a basic inspection of their cupboards to determine which components of the units can feasibly be reused and which components will have to be replaced. Some of the elements that will need to be inspected include:

An inspection of the shells and frames of the cupboard units will provide a fairly good idea of how extensive the makeover project will be. Every building project requires a solid foundation, from homes to cupboards. So, if the frames of your storage units are brittle and breaking down, you can anticipate that they will need to be replaced. However, if they are still workable, reusing them as the foundation for your replacement cabinetry can save you untold amounts of money.

Another element that will greatly affect the price of your custom cabinetry renovation is the doors. If the doors are in poor condition, you can expect that they will need to be replaced. Older cupboard doors fabricated from particle board and finished with laminate veneering cannot always withstand re-facing, because of their tendency to breakdown and crumble after many years of use and exposure to heat and moisture. It is not always easy to predict whether or not pressed wood cupboard doors will hold up against refinishing, but knowing that they may not is always necessary – especially when you are planning your budget.

Custom cabinetry installations can be used to completely change the look and style of any kitchen or bathroom, and they can often be performed by making use of the working components of your existing cupboards. So if you are interested in renovating or re-facing your cupboards, get in touch with a cabinetry contractor in your area.

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